Our ongoing events are:

Open Harbour
Open to those searching for a place to moor their vessel after tossing in the storm.
Open to adventurous crews in need of replenishment.
Open to silly souls excited to share their exuberance.
Open to muses and musers, whisperers and wailers, bards and bar-spitters.
This Harbor is here for curiosity&creativity&confusion&complications.
This Harbor is here for the old cats and the new birds.
This Harbor is here for you.

OPEN HARBOR is a bi-weekly open mic put on by Berlin Untelevised and hosted by Kübra Varol and Marshall Vincent.
Each month we will host one feature performer and have one themed event.
Sign up happens on the night. Queer/POC folk will have priority on the list.

DOORS: 1900
ENTRY: 3-5€

All profits made on the night will be going towards the artists involved in making this event possible. Berlin Untelevised operates on the premise that artists should be paid for their work. However, we also believe art should be accessible to everyone regardless of income. If you are unable to pay the entry, please let us know, and we will accommodate you. No one will be barred entry to Open Harbor for lack of funds.

Taco Tuesday! 
Once a month we host a vegan taco evening.
As one of the top Mexican caterers of the Berlin Streetfood Scene, Polo from and Vegxico has been serving up great Latin American cuisine at private events and pop-ups for years.
His authentic and modern take on traditional Mexican food is known for its colorful flare and fresh, interesting flavour combinations. His food creations are often complex and inspired by modern world tastes.
Come get authentic delicious mexican flavors, all plant based and as usual gluten free.

We love to share our space! Are you a musician? An artist looking for a wall to display your work? We’re open to new ideas, hit us up and tell us your plans.

Alternativly, if you are looking for a place to celebrate something special, why not hire out a room or the whole cafe! We can provide our beautiful space with great atmosphere, food and drinks and personalized service for any event. Birthday parties, Wedding receptions, Baby showers… you name it! Just get in contact and give us as much information as you can so that we can get back to you with an offer. Disclaimer: we can only stay open until 10pm because of our license!

Send us an E-mail or call us to get started.